Bionema launches new insect pest control products

Bionema has launched a unique three component solution of NemaTrident nematode products for natural insect pest control, which boasts 20% more efficiency and up to 95% kill rates (MediWales, 2017).

Beneficial insect-parasitic nematodes are applied with water to control soil and foliar insect pests. Enough moisture is necessary for the nematodes to move and find the host before and after application.

Bionema has developed the NemaTrdent three component solution nematode product which provides maximum dispersal into soil or growing media where the tiny worms increase pest control through an extended growing season. The NemaTrident range comprises different species of naturally occurring, beneficial insect-parasitic nematodes within the Heterorhabditis and Steinernema genera.

The three components comprising the NemaTrident solution are infective juveniles of nematode, soil conditioner, and a built-in training programme. The NemaTrident three component solution ensures maximum dispersal of nematodes when applied with soil conditioner which improves the water holding capacity (moisture) of soil/growing media so that the nematodes work better.

The NemaTrident three component solution provides protection against a wide range of agricultural, horticultural and forestry pests, ultimately increasing yields and improving plant growth for effective and sustainable agriculture. Bionema Managing Director Dr Minshad Ansari said growers, greenkeepers and foresters can expect highly effective pest control from a novel package aimed at maximising profits and keeping down costs. He said “We have field results showing that the product itself is incredibly effective, and by offering training to operators we can ensure the best possible results.”

Bionema have developed specific nematodes for specific problems such as NemaTrident CT (cold tolerant), NemaTrident H for vine weevil control, NemaTrident C for chafer grub control, NemaTrident L for leatherjacket control, NemaTrident S for Sciarid larvae control, NemaTriden T for codling moth control and NemaTrident F for western flower thirp control. The range provides 70-100% kill rates and fills the gap in the market caused by the de-listing of many traditional pesticides.

Minshad Ansari said “Our field trials over the last two years in the horticultural and forestry included different nematode species, and our special solution provided 20-30% higher control than existing products in the market – with an up to 99 per cent kill rate. With our new product portfolio, Bionema provides organic growers with complete chemical free pest solutions which will reduce costs and increase yields.”

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