BRAIN purchases Biocatalysts

Germany-based Biotechnology Research and Information Network (BRAIN) has purchased a majority stake in Cardiff-headquartered speciality enzyme producer Biocatalysts.

According to BRAIN, the acquisition of a majority stake in Biocatalysts is intended to accelerate product driven growth in the speciality enzyme market and broaden their enzyme portfolio.

Insider Media reports Biocatalysts generated revenues of £ 7.98m in the 2015/2016 financial year and £ 9.55m 2016/17, with the company to continue trading under its own name.

Jürgen Eck, chief executive of BRAIN AG, said “The new strategic partnership with Biocatalysts is aimed at accelerating product development, production and marketing of innovations in a growing bioeconomy which includes the field of speciality enzymes. Biocatalysts is one of the leading players in this field with proven production expertise as well as access to global markets. Together we can fuel our complementary enzyme businesses, increase growth margins and strengthen BRAIN Group’s bioIndustrial segment which aims at marketing own product candidates.”

Stuart West, managing director of Biocatalysts, said “Becoming a member of the BRAIN Group is an exciting opportunity to broaden our business in the rapidly growing speciality enzymes markets. Jointly we can more effectively develop innovative products for various industry sectors and bring them to market. BRAIN and Biocatalysts have a complementary product portfolio and also an excellent fit in terms of our vision to actively shape the future bioeconomy.”

Andrew Ellis, technical and compliance director of Biocatalysts, said “Merging the scientific and technological competencies of Biocatalysts and BRAIN offers great new technological possibilities. At Biocatalysts we have strong expertise and capabilities in speciality enzyme development and production at various scales, especially in the food, fine chemical and pharma sectors. We are currently expanding our state-of-the-art production facilities aligned to our continued success in enzyme development. BRAIN is a highly innovative biotechnology pioneer possessing a strong and complementary technology portfolio. Getting direct access to BRAIN’s BioArchive which encompasses a huge variety of enzymes and entire metabolic pathways will fuel our joint activities.”

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