Cellesce completes six figure funding round

Cellesce, a Cardiff-based life sciences company, has completed a six figure funding round led by Finance Wales, to support its research (Insider Media, 2017).

Cellesce is a biotechnology company that has developed new bioprocessing technology for the growing and expansion of organoids.

Organoids are derived from stem cells and grown in a lab. They are clusters of cells that grow into minute versions of organs, allowing researchers the opportunity to test new forms of treatment on groups of cells, which more closely resemble the target cells in a person.

The new funding will enable Cellesce to continue development of its organoid expansion technology and establish its growing team in the GE Innovation Village in Cardiff.

Cellesce founder and chief technology officer, Marianne Ellis, said “I am very proud of what Cellesce has achieved to date. We have taken an idea, which emanated from the University of Bath, and together with our colleagues at Cardiff University have built this new technology.

“The initial funding we received from Innovate UK and NC3Rs helped us to make great progress. This significant additional investment will enable both further development of the Cellesce cell expansion process and further our ambition to become a significant player in the emerging organoid sector.”

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