Diamyd Medical and Cardiff University collaborate on new study with diabetes vaccine

Diamyd Medical has announced a collaboration with Cardiff University on a new study with the diabetes vaccine Diamyd. The aim of the study is to optimise methods based on ultrasound guided lymph node biopsies for monitoring the cellular immune response to immunotherapy. The study is financed by Cardiff University while Diamyd Medical is supplying the study drug.

Diamyd will be administered intradermally in twelve patients with type 1 diabetes and the immune response will be monitored directly in the lymphatic fluid through ultrasound guided lymph node biopsies. Intradermal administration like direct intra-lymph node administration of autoantigens, such as GAD, is believed to significantly enhance antigen specific tolerisation, as compared to subcutaneous administration. The Chief Investigator is Professor Colin Dayan and the Principal Investigator is Dr Danijela Tatovic.

Ulf Hannelius, CEO of Diamyd Medical, said “We are very pleased with the interest in our diabetes vaccine and that Cardiff University, a leader in type 1 diabetes, chooses Diamyd for its new study. The study fits well with Diamyd Medical’s focus on more direct immunomodulation as in the upcoming randomized DIAGNODE-2 and in the very promising open label DIAGNODE-1 study.”

Colin Dayan said ” This is the first study to monitor the immune response directly in the draining lymph node cells when a native protein like GAD is administered intradermally. We are thankful for Diamyd Medical granting us access to their recombinant GAD based vaccine that is showing great promise in preserving insulin production in type 1 diabetes patients.”

Diamyd Medical is dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes and other serious inflammatory diseases through pharmaceutical development and investments in stem cell and medical technology. The company develops the diabetes vaccine Diamyd for antigen-specific immunotherapy based on the exclusively licensed GAD molecule. Four clinical trials are ongoing with Diamyd. The Company’s trial DIAGNODE-2, where the diabetes vaccine is administered directly into the lymph node, is expected to start recruiting patients in the autumn. An exclusive license for GABA for the treatment of diabetes and inflammatory diseases constitutes alongside with the diabetes vaccine a key asset in Diamyd Medical and the Company uses its GABA in-licensed technology to develop a GABA drug product. Diamyd Medical is one of the major shareholders in the stem cell company NextCell Pharma AB.

This article was updated on April 20th 2018 to link to a different source article.

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