Frontier Medical adds to its pressure ulcer prevention range

Specialist medical device manufacturer Frontier Medical Group has launched a new range of pressure redistribution pads (MediWales, 2017).

Designed to complement the company’s existing portfolio, which includes the Repose range of pressure area care products and Toto, an automated patient turning platform, Dermis Plus offers a solution for localised pressure redistribution and the management of up to grade 1 pressure ulcers.

The range is available in pre-shaped sizes for use on heels and sacrum as well as sheets and strips to allow customisation around specific anatomical areas of concern, or use with other medical devices to reduce the incidence of device related pressure ulcers.

Dermis Plus products will be competitively priced providing cost savings over competitor products and can also provide a 10% reduction in peak pressure versus the market leading product.

Simon Jackson, Managing Director at Frontier Medical Group said “Reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers is a priority for almost every healthcare facility we speak to. Patient safety and the avoidance of harm is of course always paramount, but there are significant financial pressures as well. The cost of treating pressure ulcers is estimated to be up to $11 billion each year globally. That’s one of the reasons why preventative measures such as the use of Dermis Plus, Repose and Toto are becoming ever more important. Not only will these products help to reduce patient harm and the amount of nursing hours required to treat patients who develop a pressure ulcer, but the competitive pricing of Dermis Plus will also be more cost effective for care providers.”

Dermis Plus is available now in the UK via NHS Supply Chain and internationally through Frontier’s distributor network.

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