Great Bear Healthcare launches new product for removing medical adhesives

Cardiff-based urology product manufacturer Great Bear Healthcare has launched a new product, GB Soft Skin, for removing medical adhesives (Great Bear Healthcare, 2016).

The GB Soft Skin Medical Adhesive Remover Spray is a non-sting medical adhesive remover spray for quick and painless removal of medical adhesives, which are used to help attach medical devices such as sheaths and stoma pouches.

The product can be sprayed upside down, which makes hard to reach places accessible and ensures there’s no wastage.

Removal of adhesives can be painful and cause trauma to the skin. GB Soft Skin is “non-sting” and contains a moisturising agent that is gentle to the skin. It also helps to prevent the build up of sticky residue left on the skin after removing a sheath or stoma pouch and does not affect the level of adhesion when another device is applied. The spray is non-chill and dries quickly, leaving no white, powdery residue.

The thumb pump is easy to use and ergonomically shaped to help people with poor dexterity.

There are also two additional products in the range, GB Soft Skin Adhesive Remover Wipes and GB Soft Skin Medical Barrier Wipes, which contain the same silicone ingredients as the spray. Barrier wipes leave a protective layer between the skin and a medical device.

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