Looking at effect of hormonal therapy for prostate cancer

The Centre for Appearance Research (CAR) at the University of the West of England is conducting a study involving men with prostate cancer, which looks at the effect of hormonal treatment, bodily changes and exercise.

Hormonal therapy is one of the most common treatments for prostate cancer. Despite its efficacy, this treatment can come with several potential side effects such as breast enlargement, weight gain, muscle loss, loss of bodily hair, penile shrinkage, hot flushes and so on. These side effects might have an impact on bodily appearance and bodily functions. Some men find these changes uncomfortable or upsetting.

The University of the West of England reports the researchers are interested in understanding what men with prostate cancer think about the impact that hormonal treatment has on their body appearance and functioning. The study will also touch upon the men’s views on exercise after diagnosis of prostate cancer; what they think about it, what they like about it, and what makes it easy or difficult to engage in exercise regularly.

The study involves twenty men under the age of seventy five diagnosed with prostate cancer, who have been following hormonal treatment at some point after diagnosis. They will be interviewed by Caterina Gentili, a PhD researcher at CAR.

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