Pinpoint awarded Innovate UK grant

Bridgend-based design and manufacturing company Pinpoint Scientific Limited have recently completed a proof of market study for novel microbiological air sampling technology. This work was partly funded by a grant from Innovate UK and has allowed Pinpoint to clearly understand the commercial opportunity and user requirements for a novel, isolator compatible microbial air monitor.

Pinpoint Scientific’s continuous air monitor, ImpactAir, is already being used by top global pharmaceutical companies. MediWales reports, building on existing technology developed by Pinpoint and used in its ImpactAir system, work has now begun on the first phase of product design and development, with an initial launch planned for July 2018. This will be immediately followed by commencement of further product design and development to produce an alternative miniaturised version by mid 2019.

Gethin Jones, founder and Managing Director at Pinpoint, said “Microbial air monitoring is a critical process within demanding environments such as aseptic and injectable medicines manufacturing. This requires highly efficient and accurate monitoring & control for optimal detection of viable particles. We are delighted that Innovate UK chose to support this study and believe it has been good value for both parties. The outcome has given Pinpoint the data to move forward with confidence into design and manufacturing of new products that can meet user and regulatory needs and be commercially successful. This is an exciting time for Pinpoint and enables us to contribute to the UK effort to remain at the forefront of technology development, as well as providing our employees with job security and an opportunity to learn new skills. In addition, we will continue increasing our workforce and business partnerships in 2018.”

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