Research to look at the viability of Covid-19 mass temperature screening

Welsh Government Innovation is supporting the University of South Wales to demonstrate the viability of coronavirus mass temperature screening technology.

The role of mass temperature screening to control Covid-19 is under review by administrations globally. In Wales its use in schools to manage infection risk has been considered by the Minister for Education Kirsty Williams as part of a framework for schools to manage operations.

Business Wales reports researchers in the School of Engineering at University of South Wales propose to develop a technology that logs body temperature over about twenty four hours to identify presence of virus induced fevers. Relative temperature measurements will be taken via a bespoke wristband with remote RFID data transfer triggered on entering into school, university or community settings.

The University of South Wales is also working with Caerphilly based Procter Bros to develop a thermal imaging system triggered by the same RFID link that would augment this technology.

The technology will lead to a device that could be manufactured in Wales if this study is successful. Government Covid-19 funding and private investment will be applied for to scale up trials once the concept is proven. The University of South Wales expects this technology, when proven, to have applications not only in education sector but in a wide range of workplace and community settings in the UK and internationally.

If proven, the technology will provide early identification of potential Covid-19 symptoms and will have numerous applications, in particular in schools, workplaces, travel etc. The longer term opportunity is for potential manufacture of the product which will support future resilience of supply chain companies in Wales.

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