“Technical heart” arrives at Rutherford Cancer Centre in Newport

A key piece of equipment to be used at Proton Partners International’s new cancer treatment centre has been delivered (Insider Media, 2017).

The installation of the fifty five ton proton beam therapy system began last week and will complete the final phase of the company’s first Rutherford Cancer Centre.

The cyclotron machine, which is being installed and maintained by IBA (Ion Beam Applications), generates the protons used in proton beam therapy treatment. The treatment uses a high energy beam of protons, rather than X-rays, to provide radiotherapy to patients, potentially reducing the risk of damage to the surrounding healthy tissues.

Mike Moran, chief executive of Proton Partners International, said “We’re extremely proud to see the ‘technical ‘heart’ of our first proton beam therapy centre being delivered today. The centre recently opened to receive referrals for conventional treatments and following the successful arrival of the proton beam cyclotron, we will begin installation.”

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