TrakCel to build custom configured system for Medeor

TrakCel, a Cardiff-based cell and gene therapy supply chain tracking and orchestration system software developer, has announced it has been engaged to build a custom configured system for Medeor Therapeutics, a clinical stage biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialisation of personalised cellular immunotherapies engineered to reprogramme the immune system in order to improve outcomes in organ transplant recipients.

Globe Newswire reports the supply chain system will be used in the clinical development and commercialisation of Medeor’s MDR-10X product candidates for immune tolerance in living donor kidney transplant recipients. Medeor’s lead product candidate, MDR-101, is in a pivotal phase III trial for genetically matched living donor kidney transplant recipients. The company has a pipeline of product candidates to support various other indications.

The TrakCel built system will seek to ensure that each person receiving a transplanted organ will also receive therapies manufactured from the blood and bone marrow cells of the specific organ donor. The system will also help to ensure that apheresis material collected from the organ donor will be aligned with the supply chain logistical requirements of multiple US contract manufacturing facilities.

The supply chain system will support a full pipeline of Medeor products, including the ongoing phase III clinical trial of MDR-101. It will be specifically designed to automate and standardise information flow and tasks across supply chain stakeholders, manage the complex timing of events for donors, recipients, manufacturers, couriers and clinicians, and improve efficiencies and minimise supply chain risk and failures, including verifying the chain of identity and chain of custody, ensuring that the transplant recipient receives the right drug every time.

Ravi Nalliah, CEO of TrakCel, said “TrakCel is now supporting a variety of companies and organizations developing a full range of autologous and allogeneic advanced therapies from the cell, gene and personalized cancer vaccine fields. Medeor is now close to a very exclusive peer group of companies with a commercialized cell therapy product. In addition, the company has a robust development pipeline and has considerable funding to achieve its goals. Developing cell therapies in the underserved organ transplant field will be facilitated by our cellular supply chain tracking and orchestration platform, with high levels of flexibility and scalability.”

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