Trecento Diagnostics seeks funding for dog DNA testing

Trecento Diagnostics is looking to raise funds to bring its DNA testing product, designed for use by vets, to market.

Insider Media reports the Cardiff headquartered company is hoping to raise £250,000 on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube for a 5% stake in order to commercialise its technology, which includes a hygienic dog urine collector, a molecular testing machine and a range of tests.

According to Trecento, once prepared, a DNA test can be delivered within forty minutes instead of the usual forty eight hours, without the need for taking blood samples.

The company also has other tests, including for Lyme disease, in the pipeline, with the potential for the application of the technology in human healthcare.

Trecento, which has previously been backed by the Development Bank of Wales, believes its patented products make it attractive as an acquisition target, or could move towards a flotation.

It said “Vets currently use both urine and blood analysis to help determine canine health. Collecting urine samples can be difficult and also invasive if needle into bladder procedures (cystocentesis) are required, taking blood samples can also be difficult and stressful for all involved, and vets/owners can wait 48 hours for costly external lab results. We aim to change this having developed a patent-pending collection device, HygieCatch, making it easy to collect canine urine. Crucially, we’ve developed a technique for onsite extraction of DNA from urine paired with software that translates the test results via our desktop molecular testing system. This means, once the sample has been prepared, we can deliver results in the vet’s office in 40 minutes.

“Our three-fold revenue streams will come from Hygecatch, the Molecular testing machine and our range of tests. We’ve achieved a lot; invented, developed, tested and patented HygieCatch. Developed unique DNA extraction techniques, produced ready for market T300 molecular system and software & have plans in place to extend the range of tests including Lyme disease. We are in early-stage discussions with UK vet practices and identified partners in the US and UAE, and the company is now looking to raise capital to support the commercialisation of HygieCatch and the technology, alongside further development of new tests, looking to expand offering and market share.”

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